Pursue Your Dreams

That act of kindness helped shift the course for Kevin’s future. At every step of his journey, people were there to be a resource, mentor, and guide Kevin to help him pursue his dreams.

Scholarship Program Criteria & Guidelines

The Clay Foundation (the “Foundation”) has been established to scholarships for continuing education opportunities to both students and professionals who are pursuing their purpose in life. The Scholarship Program will be administered by a selection committee using the following criteria and guidelines.

Criteria and General Guidelines

  • The Scholarship Program will award scholarships up to full scholarships annually to any individuals are selected by the selection committee.
  • All applicants must explain the purpose and need for assistance to be able to qualify for scholarship. Funds can go towards universities, colleges, courses, conferences, and other professional development/educational programs. There are no restrictions on any applicant’s selection of a course of study.
  • Scholarship awards will be paid in the name of the student to the respective school/program to be applied to the student’s tuition and fees. Scholarship awards may also cover student/personal costs if need is indicated. This is issued at the approval and discretion of the selection committee.
  • The selection committee will base awards on: (1) each applicant’s scholastic and professional pursuits (2) each applicant’s displayed need for financial support/assistance (3) each applicant’s participation in community activities; and (4) each applicant’s past/current work history; Written recommendations may be requested as part of the application.
  • Students who receive scholarship awards under the Scholarship Program are eligible to reapply for awards on an annual basis. Renewal applications may be made by letter addressed to the selection committee, and should be accompanied by a copy of the student’s record of completed attendance in a college course or professional program.

Pursue your Dreams

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